New Krav Maga challenges will be posted daily at 4:30pm!

Share your work with us – use the hashtag #poolerkaratechallenge 


New Karate challenges will be posted daily at 11:00am!

Share your work with us – use the hashtag #poolerkaratechallenge 


New Fitness challenges will be posted daily at 2:30pm!

Share your work with us – use the hashtag #poolerkaratechallenge 

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Good morning Pooler Karate students and parents! We will be moving all instruction to our new Student Hub! Below are the steps to register:

1. Go to and click Register in the top menu.
2. Fill in the required information – make sure to use the student’s name!
3. Select the Monthly membership level – don’t worry about the $9.99 a month!
4. We have a 100% off discount code for all of our current members – please join out Pooler Karate Students Facebook group or check your email for the code!
5. Click on Courses, click on any desired course, and click Enroll.

That’s it! You’ve now register for Pooler Karate online classes!

Most of the content for this week has been uploaded, but we're still finishing getting the last few classes uploaded!

If you'd like to share your progress with us, post on Instagram with the hashtag #poolerkarate and #poolerkaratechallenge and you may be featured on the website!

If you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to ask! The school is closed right now, but our staff is still closely monitoring emails and Facebook!

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